The Crown Twickenham, Ridesmiths Recommends

The Crown Twickenham – Ridesmiths Recommends

Ridesmiths regularly provide taxis for people going to and from The Crown Pub in Twickenham, our staff have also had a party here in the past and as a result, we have a good idea of what this place is like.

Firstly, as you may have noticed, The Crown is a pub, a great pub in fact. They serve a range of Ale, Lager, Wines and Spirits as all other pubs do but you get the impression that someone has really spent some time putting together the drinks menu as there are drinks that you may not have heard of previously but glad you tried them at The Crown.

It is a large pub with ample seating, a car park and a lovely garden that allows you to enjoy the odd tipple with lunch during the summer. Nothing like a good ol’ pub lunch. (especially when the food is good).

Secondly, there is the food, again, great food. It has a large capacity but don’t let this fool you, it gets busy at The Crown so to play safe, book ahead. The Crown has several menus depending on the time and/or day of the week. It’s possible to pop in on a Tuesday for a Keralan roasted vegetable & coconut curry, or on a Sunday you could opt for the Roast rump of West Country beef, Yorkshire pudding & roast potatoes. If you have space left and feel like unbuttoning a little then feel free to indulge in a Banoffee Pudding or just a few Mini Nutella doughnuts with hot chocolate fudge sauce.

It will be easy to overindulge on both food and drink at The Crown so if this is likely to happen then pre-book a Taxi ahead of your visit with Ridesmiths. We can provide a standard minicab, an executive taxi or for families we can also provide a 7 seater taxi with child seats if required.

We hope you enjoy The Crown, Twickenham.