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A Few Wonderful Things To Do In Richmond Park

May 10, 2019


We all know Richmond Park and many of us cut through in our cars for convenience when the gates are open but when was the last time you put your boots on and had a day to actually explore it? Here are a few wonderful things you can do in Richmond Park

There is the Isabella Plantation that you can easily miss but if you take the time to walk around this beautiful garden that sprawls across 40 acres.

You can look through that Telescope at King Henrys Mound to see the city and St Pauls Cathedral. Rumour has it, this is where King Henry VIII stood himself to see a rocket fired from the Tower of London that signalled Anne Boleyn was executed and he was free to marry Jane Seymour.

Pembroke Lodge is a lovely little spot to have a Breakfast, Coffee, Tea or Lunch out on the terrace overlooking a beautiful view across Surrey. Maybe you could do that after spending an hour on Horseback via one of the several stables in and around the park. If you feel a little tired after that Ridesmiths are happy to have a taxi collect you and your sore legs to take you home.

Richmond Park Golf course is almost 100 years old and is still a great place for all to play. It even has a Driving range for those that need to work on their swing. it has a total of 36 holes for the keen golfer to have fun with and has recently had a new clubhouse built that is eco-friendly and with its grass rooftop, it subtly blends into Richmond Park. Ridesmiths know this place well and regularly have drivers nearby so getting you a taxi to and fro with your clubs is never an issue.

We will list some more things that you can do in Richmond Park soon so keep posted.


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